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COMMON HORIZONTS – our campaign about a journey to India

Hypnotizing motives inspired LF to design 11 pieces of garment for his new marketing campaign. The pret-a-porter collection was created in France, in one of the brand’s workshops, on the basis of aesthetic codes shared by the international community of fashion artists.

In designer’s creative view, India symbolises a crossroad of space and epochs with an emphasis on the poetics of travelling. Freedom and adventurism found in legendary state of Goa lavishly fill SS 2020 collection with a multitude of symbols. This way, a unique space emerges, where future is associated with optimism and romance. This imagery was conveyed by LF also through colours. Cream magnolia – the symbol of LF, sand shades and the colour of red ochre.
Fusion of art, heritage and creativity produce exclusively modern silhouettes and shapes of ready to wear clothes. The images of models among the fair of traditional crafts reflect the key principles of design in LF company – i.e. hand labour gives garments their uniqueness and inhales poetry of life into them.

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